Integrated Business Intelligence solutions for FMCG

  • Sales, Marketing and Trade-marketing divisions are supported with integrated data-driven BI solutions and implementing our solutions enhances business insight thus better market strategies are possible to formulate.
  • Our solution is a framework for an all-round approach to integrate the data of leading market information providers with the given FMCG company’s own data sources. The framework is available on different dashboarding and analytical platforms. During customizing ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes, analytical model customization, dashboarding, KPI system, and top management dashboards with storytelling are implemented. Our system is in line with modern financial controlling and category management principles.
  • Owing to our expertise the data discovery and analytical knowledge of the organization is highly increased and not only is the single version of truth established but also the single language of the corporate data-driven insight. In this way the natural contradiction between the objectives of finance and sales-marketing can be decreased and better decision on pricing, market share, product development, etc. can be achieved much more easily.
  • We are also furnished with a tool to supply a planning solution with integrated data visualization and scorecarding. In this solution statistical forecasting can be combined with human factors as well.

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