Better insight on retail trends and customer behavior

  • Understanding trends and customer purchase insight through detailed scan data analytics is becoming highly important in order to steer business more efficiently in the retail sector.
  • The combination of detailed internal transactional level trading system data and external information of marketing agencies provides decision makers with a new way of data-driven analytical capabilities. Our solution focuses on the analysis of customer and competitor behavior rather than that of conventional product and store based dimensions.
  • A new, sophisticated way of pricing, product-mix and promotion analysis becomes possible by integrating several dimensions within the data-warehouse solution in which product, store, customer and segments analysis are combined with loyalty card based calculations.
  • Our BI solutions support marketing, sales, promotion, daily purchase and strategic decision making.

BI360’s approach enables retailers to utilize the advantages of our solutions without IT investment since besides the current data-warehouse platform our applications are also available as a service.

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