We, BI360 deliver integrated Business Intelligence (BI) solutions

  • Our credo is to holistically integrate data for decision making with perfect data preparation for various analytical needs and visualization.
  • Our primary focus is to fully understand and serve business requirements therefore business and IT experts are well-balanced in our partnership.
  • We apply leading technologies since our objective is to implement stable and flexible applications that can easily be improved in the future. Our services include development on premise and cloud based systems, we provide both green field solutions and minor extensions of the current BI stack.
  • Financial controlling, risk, operation, marketing, sales and trade-marketing are the key areas where we increase corporate analytical capabilities through planning and forecasting, reporting, consolidation and many other custom analytical applications. We always emphasize the integration of AI, statistical and data-mining techniques and results to enhance the features of our BI solutions.
  • All of our Experts have more than 15 years of experience in their respective fields namely:

Business requirements always come first and they can only be fulfilled with profound knowledge of diverse base technologies.

Technology platforms:

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